The Oakland Sail 1981-12-07

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


This was one party where the cops served the booze ; Coalition makes plans against education cuts ; Sexual harassment: an old problem just coming out of the closet on many campuses ; Santa what a big beard you have! ; EDITORIAL: Policy on harassment is not enough for OU ; Letters to the Editor: 'Oversights' mar basketball issue ; Sorority questions stories ; Philosophy professor trailed by a 'delusional' woman ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS ; Holiday magic fills Meadow Brook Hall ; Theatre "Hay Fever"is another Meadow Brook escapefrom reality ; Village Idiot: Santa nearly edged out by red-suited Godfather ; "Stones" set Silverdome records ; Dance Department presents unique version of "Othello" ; Aroundabout ; Committee approves parking lot restriction ; SPORTS: Bland fans at men's games lack interest; enthusiasm ; Goalkeeper Hamilton makes prestigious Senior Bowl team ; Men Pioneers suffer first defeat; bounce back to win two at home ; Women cagers win opener ; Emotion reigns when IM stickers take the court



Sexual harassment, Oakland University. Student Congress, Meadow Brook Hall, Holiday walk, Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences. School of Music, Theatre and Dance, Parking