The Oakland Post 1996-03-20

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Road expansion delayed; Adams Rd stays two lanes ; Food court lair forces events out of Crockery ; Pioneers stake claim to title: Swimming team named NCAA Division II Champs ; Campus Financial aid processing delayed: Government shutdown; computer glitches cause problem ; Is the Wizard of Oz available for comment? Call PR ; Snoopy stickers used to display racial slur in Hamlin Hall ; Cracking down on racism: Dorm officials act quick to tackle racism but solicit students' help ; Fight with boyfriend leads to arrest: CRIME WATCH ; Appeals Court rules course packs exempt from Copyright laws ; Miscommunication led to speculation of Dole visiting OU ; EDITOR'S VIEW Candidates; Dole pass by OU when in town ; OPINION ; Letters to the Editor Student feels diversity funds may be better used elsewhere: Diversity Dilemma ; 'OUSC Election '96 ; FEATURES: Everyone's vying for a piece of the rock ; Arresting vacations ; DIA shares Picasso with OU community ; MBT plagued by $662,000 debt ; The ballots are in ; Taking a turn at teaching: OU student shares knowledge of dance to summer campers ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; ART ; OTHER ; CIPO This Week! ; Sports Three Pete ; Pioneer men claim their third straight NCAA II Title ; OU out forced again: Air Force Academy records second straight NCAA Title at OU's expense ; College paper found in contempt of court ; College mock elections pick Dole



Men's swimming and diving, National championships, NCAA, Financial aid, Racism, Meadow Brook Theatre, Dance