The Oakland Sail 1982-01-18



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


An intellectual; a religious man' ABS; BAM-C commemorate King's birthday ; Prospects for education majors improving in the coming years ; Winter weather wallops OU causing numerous problems ; Consolidation displeases students; residence halls has no alternative ; Weather poses problems for OU students ; Teacher compares an Israeli university to OU ; EDITORIAL: Letters; Reader criticizes the Meadow Brook tours ; National day of recognition should be declared for King ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Glaciers cancel class; New ice age begins ; Skaters invade Beer Lake ; Language color adds spice to boring life ; Dreyfuss gives an excellent performance in movie that critically analyzes death ; Winter Carnival highlights ; The NCAA compromised: Will Hillsdale join now? ; SPORTS: Alpine ski racers competing without athletic department ; Freshman enthused about racing ; Women cagers lead GLIAC ; Men cagers win one; lose one ; Vincent leads OU divers



Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance, Residence halls