The Oakland Sail 1985-09-23

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Ford strikes deal with university for 1.3 million ; Unanimous approval Congress passes fall '85 budget ; Gilroy tours China with police officers from U.S. and Canada ; Enrollment in the Honors College rising as more students accept challenge ; Awards for excellence given to three Oakland professors ; EDITORIAL: Future of the barn: does anybody care? ; Where were the balloons? ; Letters to the Editor: Carbone disappoints student ; Eaculty member makes correction ; This is your space: Our letter policy ; Graham Health Center issue gets differing reactions from those involved ; Barn Board holds first meeting ; Drowning victim's body found ; Talented actors actresses audition ; FEATURES: Hypnotist mesmerizes audience ; Fun at Beet Lake picnic ; Students get organized ; OU students graduate ; Groups get together ; Professor Bryant hospitalized ; CIPO offers many advantages ; Country unrealistically portrays farm folks ; SPORTS: Volleyball team places second in tournament ; Tigers fall in '85; drugs rock baseball ; Lack of scoring punch Soccer team starts slowly ; Golfers tee off year with solid outings ; Touche! ; Tennis squad winless ; Soccer club begins season ; Little Orphan Anny ; CROSS WORD PUZZLE: FROM COLLEGE PRESS SERVICE



University business partnerships, Ford Motor Company, Oakland University. Student Congress, Oakland University. Honors College, Oakland University. Graham Health Center, Accidents, Student deaths, Beer Lake, Bear Lake, Commencement, CIPO