The Oakland Post 2005-10-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


DEADLY FLU: Medical experts predict strain could ravage nation; Students baffled by eBill ; Interventions reduce complications in state hospitals ; Marshall sinks Pistons at Palace ; Saving lives just got easier ; OUSC seeks Student input ; POLICE FILES ; Serious students must study ; Social Security; funds could fizzle ; FBI busts local spam king ; A kicking record ; Bill to prevent invasive species languishes: Non-native organisms already affecting Great Lakes' ecosystem ; Vaccine prevents harsh cases of whooping cough ; Baring their scars for awareness: New calendar shows colon cancer isn't just for older generations ; EDITORIAL Technology advancements guide our generation ; Student Opinion ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Professor should not have been denied tenure ; Professor went out of her way to help out students ; Jailed journalist calls for federal shield law ; GM plans to cut benefits ; Pay your energy bill later ; Cloned food meant for menus? ; UP AND COMING ; OU offers courses to feed students' environmental interests ; Americans fearful of bird flu; pound health officials with questions ; Flood fears lead to evacuations; closings ; NATION: Tunnels under Baltimore's harbor reopen after threat ; WORLD: Shooting breaks out in southern Russian city targeted by militants ; Local haunts scare students ; Idols take the stage ; Audiences did not mind 'Waiting' ; Life is full of choices ; Planning can help reduce holiday shopping angst ; Winter heating costs increase ; Awareness of breast cancer is key to disease prevention ; Know your breast cancer risk ; Frezza blazes trail for teammates to follow ; SPORTS: Batcha and Manakova take game to Europe ; BIG TEN STILL WIDE OPEN ; Grizzlies shut out Jaguars ; Big 10 Footbal FACT or FICTION



Influenza, Oakland University. School of Nursing, Oakland University. Student Congress, Study skills program, Environment, Heating, Breast cancer