The Oakland Post 2000-11-29

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Another year for Aramark ; CTs still waiting for negotiations to end ; SETTING their sails ; Senate resists current Master Planning; land development ; Lowry Center move nurtures child development ; CRIM watch ; OUSC bookswap gives students a cash advantage on textbooks ; OU quickly becoming 'Grow U' ; S.A.D.D. speaks out on rape aggression ; No sign of ASL fulfilling language requirement ; EDITOR'S view: Shoppers beware this holiday season ; LETTERS to the editor Parking situation unsafe for residents ; False fire alarms numerous in dorms ; Affairs STUDENT UPDATING OU ; MOTLEY FOOLU: Extra Credit ; MBT celebrates 35 years in community ; Four Day weather ; STRESSED OUT?: Semester's end triggers more stress ; Americans prefer work over sleep ; Caffeine boosts students' energy ; BiZaRrO ; LIFE edge: ON CAMPUS ; Beatle Bites ; "1" Songs ; Every revolution begins with a single act of defiance ; Christmas means more than presents ; Christmas present ; GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST; PRESENT AND FUTURE ; unites people and possibilities: 'It's all about you; your community; the people you know and the people you'd like to meet' ; SPORTS edge SCORE BOARD ; Champagne wishes; caviar dreams for Dan ; A look at Dan Champagne's Grizzly experience ; Men fizzle after beating U-M ; World of sports asks; so you say you want a revolution? ; New Grizzlies impact line-up ; Men; women cross country teams finish season strong ; Kieffer; Brinker lead Great Lakes Regional ; OU drowns Wright State; prepares for Mid-Con ; Mid-Continent Conference Standings ; Good vs Evil: "The Grinch" may have stole Christmas and the number one spot at the box office this past weekend; but "Unbreakable" smashed into the number two slot earning $47.2 million in its opening weekend ; Art exhibits display thought; culture at county galleria ; For your entertainment



Food service, Clerical technical staff, Lowry Early Childhood Education Center, Rape, Book swap, Stress, Meadow Brook Theatre