The Oakland Sail 1983-01-31

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


A concert for your eyes ; State cuts critical; reductions planned ; Limits placed on enrollment ; Loan plan foreseen ; Legal aid services available to students ; CIPO's ride pool program restricts parking ; EDITORIAL: Students need new book payment plan ; Lack of support criticized ; Credit deserved ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Children's Hour a disappointment ; Lack of snow for carnival didn't cancel all festivities ; Watching was pure Bliss ; Learning to juggle can be easy as 1-2-3 ; OPEN SPACE: 4sale: MG; Ubuy - Ulose ; 'Sophie' a study in life; love and superb acting ; UNIVERSITY CONGRESS ENTERTANMENT AND INFORMATION for the week of January 31: Student Support Needed in Government ; And Activities ; University Congress Committee Vacancies ; SPORTS: Women take three; still in first ; Tankers win again ; Up and Coming Pioneer Home Events ; Fencing society starts up ; Pioneers place second ; Ski team does well ; Men lose two; hopes fade fast



Budget cuts, Enrollment planning, Fires, Legal Aid Services, Car pool, Parking, Fencing