The Oakland Sail 1985-01-14

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Runaway car plunges into icy Beer Lake ; New phones to ease costs for university ; NOW activists seek change ; Ruptured pipe releases steam ; Registration; book-buying no problem for students ; Registration: fear and frustration ; LETTERS: Weathers'final article blend of advice and misinformation ; Meet the Editor ; Good sleep habits improve learning ; Carbone sets goals for Congress action ; Features Plays offer cure to post-holiday blues ; New fraternity organized for business majors ; Ice storm freezes area ; REO Speedwagon rocks Joe Lewis ; EMVAT offers services ; Disneyland sparkles; Celebration marks 30th anniversary ; OPEN SPACE: Tough resolutions ring in new year ; SPORTS: Swimmers stroke past Mich. State ; Free relay team qualifies for National competitions ; Fencing club will bout with best ; GLIAC winning streak fueled with Ferris win ; Chris Howze sets records and goals ; Pioneers struggle through league ; Commuter bowl victory ; Computer Job Hopes Fading ; "Take a break": PHILOSOPHICAL PHIL



Beer Lake, Bear Lake, Telephone service, Lepley Sports Center, Oakland University. Student Congress, Meadow Brook Theatre, Fraternities, Oakland University. School of Business Administration