The Oakland Sail 1986-11-10

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Vandenberg fire found by student: smoldering cigarette possible cause ; Overnight guest policy reviewed in dormitories ; Presidential candidates agree on apathy ; Semi-nude man confronts woman on way to work ; Cumulative voting not on congressional ballot ; Champagne explains university spending $230,000 on new residence; landscaping ; Award established for office; technical workers on campus ; EDITORIAL: Higgins best choice in presidential race ; Dorm residents need better system of early warning fire detection ; Letters to the Editor: Student resigns position on HPC to protest lack of vote ; President's home smart buy; say campus leaders ; Senior wrong saying entire freshman class at OU rude ; KEITH FABER ; SEAN HIGGINS ; SUE JEZEWSKI ; RANDALL STRAUGHEN ; ROB WATERS ; Devils' Night theft of flag causes $600 loss ; Electronic devices shut off; turn on lights to save energy ; FEATURES: ' Amadeus' portrays tragic death with humor ; Survey shows student drug use not as high as national average ; Marauding Miners visit Hollywood to make debut on television show ; 'Foxfire' poignant portrayal of mountain life; people ; Mainstage mixer brings life to Abstention ; SPORTS: Soccer team awaits playoff bid after beating CMU ; Spikers slip past Northwomen; need winning streak to end year ; Tankers take 2nd position at swim meet ; 1986-87 Pioneer basketball schedules ; Major court battle lost by animal rights organization ; Athletic departments around the country face tighter budgets due to law's effect on donations ; Pre-season bout scheduled for basketball team ; Commentary Do OU students show enough enthusiasm for Pioneer sports? ; Player-of-the- Week Gray Haizel ; 1986 GLIAC swimming records broken by OU ; Congressional candidates' platforms: Candidates for president ; Candidates for Congress member ; Evonne Westbrook



Fires, Vandenberg Hall, Oakland University. Student Congress, Champagne, Joseph E. (Joseph Ernest), 1938-, Elections, Animal rights movement