The Oakland Sail 1987-02-09

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Administrators weigh benefits of bureau to process parking tickets ; Reagan budget proposal to cut aid nearly in half ; Rock music opponent says God wants him to concentrate religious messages on OU ; Editor's Note ; Congress may end required hour in office ; FEATURES: Oprah Winfrey draws record audience ; EDITORIAL: Parking ticket revenue should be university's ; First Amendment rights guaranteed until abused ; Letters to the Editor: Student concerned campus comparable to police state ; Champagne releases funds for library book collections ; Bookcenter used text quality questioned ; Hysteric Historics ; Staff; students honor BAM ; 'Gemini' shows potential despite slop ; Caribbean reggae; calypso band attracts large audience turnout ; Coffee drinkers taste-test blends ; SPORTS: Cards deal Lady Pioneers loss; 74-54 ; Tankers 'kill' Ferris State in GLIAC meet on road ; Pioneers nearing record season ; Women's swim team loses to MSU Spartans ; Player-of the- Week: Margaret Boyle ; Commentary Legal or otherwise; activities abound for non-athletes



Parking tickets, Winfrey, Oprah, Black Awareness Month, Religions