The Oakland Sail 1982-02-02



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Champagne; DeCarlo want guarantees: Administrators uncertain about Milliken's plan ; Stress related problems occurring more frequently with downturn in economy ; 'Gotcha' ; The Oakland Sail wins second place award in 1981 ; Plawecki calls governor's idea merely 'creative bookkeeping' ; Icy conditions make life more difficult for OU's handicapped ; Hazardous conditions wreak havoc on several campuses nationwide ; Results to be made known by mid-February Student survey examines OU's weaknesses ; Milliken's leadership questionable when dealing with higher education ; EDITORIAL 'Dynamic' presidency is beneficial to school ; Safe sleeping is top priority for students ; Children yearn for the spotlights ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Advising tries to clear requirement confusion ; Likely excuse for Idiot's tardy prof ; Miggles & Magee ; Mediocre acting detracts from World Premiere play ; Fonda and Hepburn combine to create box office success ; SPORTS: Lady Pioneers down Detroit ; Women holding first after three more wins ; McLean's leadership is key to her success at center ; Chico's men win first in meet's history Women swimmers defeat Chico in phone meet ; Keeping promises at last - the men Pioneers make good ; Men cagers come back from Saginaw to win two straight in conference play ; In spite of injury trouble wrestlers win two on road



Budget appropriations, Champagne, Joseph E. (Joseph Ernest), 1938-, Oakland University. Student Congress, Advising, Meadow Brook Theatre