The Oakland Sail 1983-10-31



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Nuclear arms issue to be viewed from every angle ; Satire invades college bookstores ; Juveniles loot Lepley lockers ; Papers; pipes; clips and bongs banned from sale in Avon Twp. ; GUEST COLUMN: Lebanon crises outlined ; EDITORIAL: People neglect their own needs ; Other Voices ; LETTERS: Patriotism is heartening ; "Slamming" banned after Dead Kennedy's concert ; SAGA quality questioned ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Dancers put on an unusual show ; Careers in dance possible Instructor still kicks up heels ; GM provides insight on auto marketing ; "Hero for our times" CIPO sponsors retrospect of Kennedy era ; OPEN SPACE: It's a grand old flag - still ; Zone good; despite faults ; Sabrina Swine - Trivia extravaganza ; Ex-Jam member plays stylish music ; Diversions ; It was a dark and scary night ; SPORTS: Promising v-ball season becomes a frustrating one ; CLIFF'S NOTES: Frills attract soccer fans ; Akron squeaks past Pioneers ; "One thrilling combination" ; Students to sponsor Lift-A-Thon ; Ski club plans Colorado trip for winter break ; Ground zero lands at the O.C. ; Sail asks for reader input



Theft, Food service, Marketing, Surveys