The Oakland Sail 1984-02-06

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Practice makes perfect ; Proposed freeze pleases college officials ; BAM praises achievers "who happen to be women" ; Corps offers adventure; travel and hard work ; GHC braces for possible measles attack ; as flu hits campus ; Guest Column: N.O.W urges Reagan's ouster ; SPB goal is entertainment not profit ; EDITORIAL: Let's not take away "N" option ; Other Voices ; LETTERS: Request for more of same ; Column misread ; Meet the Editor ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS ; OU plans trips to Italy and China ; Fashion club provides modeling practice ; Summertime singing ; N.S.E. offers campus choices ; Diversions ; Author pens history ; SPORTS: Jones; Lady Titans beat OU cagers ; Crawlers win phone meet ; Impossible shot made; will anyone win $1 million? ; Mohn leads men's team to 83-70 win over SVC ; Women swim to even record ; Wrestlers improve record ; Men lose to Kenyon ; College Bowl is no "trivial pursuit" ; BUMPY ROADS ; Proposed grading change will affect GPA; final transcripts ; Cleared by university; alleged "bomb caller" faces criminal charges ; GOP grabs controlling Mich. Senate seats ; Black Awareness Month begins Women; their rights; and nothing less



Tuition rates, Influenza, Measles, Oakland University. Student Organizations. Student Program Board, Fashion, National Student Exchange, College Bowl, Grading system policy changes, Bomb threats, Peace Corps