The Oakland Sail 1982-11-08

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Candidates debate top student issues ; Class break ; New payment plan ; Blanchard and Riegle get student support ; Moral damage from arms race ; "Silicon Valleys" spring up across U.S. ; Biology professor invited to Nobel forum ; Feeman gets new job ; No aid increases seen ; Hoffman on way ; EDITORIAL: Major candidates give hopeful outlook ; Professor upset over Soviet visit ; Fraternity feels more participation needed ; Cost cutting ends evaluations ; Presidential Candidates ; Congress Candidates: Teresa Bartz ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS ; Newest Meadow Brook comedy a hit ; OPEN SPACE: Scary tries again ; Students let loose after class ; International organization bridges culture gap ; Work; play combined by Chassis ; SPORTS: Playoff berth for Pioneers? ; Would women really want to play in the NFL? ; Spikers drop 3 to WSU ; Men's team's season starts ; Women swimmers to begin ; Cross country team keeps on running



Oakland University. Student Congress, Hoffman, Abbie, Oakland University. Graduate Study, Dean appointments, Meadow Brook Theatre