The Oakland Sail 1978-04-01

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Administrators hit the bricks ; Commuter noninvolvement cited OU student affairs down ; Housing rates to jump a 'modest' 55 percent ; Read this story; it's important ; Phys Ed business manager defends fee accounting ; OU; POAM near contract settlement ; THE marshall arts ; PIRGIM-OU to get more main office $ ; Faces in the crowd ; UM law prof speaks on public land use ; Tennis team sets goal - conference title ; Busy week for OU '9' ; Pirmann heads soccer tryouts at OU ; Coming up ; FDA closes Soggy after fight with cockroaches ; Campus Ministry sponsors atheist ; Farces in the crowd ; Names on tests called 'scandalous' OU moves to protect student privacy ; Grand Dragon to speak at Varner ; You got real trouble kid: Special Stale Notice ; Unexplained firing miffs soccer coach: Motzer gets on paragraph firing note Athletic Dept gets full time replacement ; Plastic ID'S back for '78



Satire, Athletic fees, Oakland University Police Department, Identification cards