The Oakland Sail 1982-04-12

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Sees need for compromise on Palestinian issue: Eban praises Camp David treaty with Egypt ; Champagne defends committees' reports ; Aid cutbacks creating odd alternatives ; Candidate for State Board of Education Advocate dedicates life to 'quality education' ; Pending federal financial cuts cause anxiety throughout OU population ; EDITORIAL ; Letters: Support for Graham Health Center urged ; Professor upset over Sail editorial reply ; Petition is first step in overcoming 'hurdle' ; Arab organization stages response to the presentation by Abba Eban ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS ; Disco gets Idiot into trouble with the law ; Good job for musical 'By George' production ; Dance theatre prepares for upcoming spring performance ; The 'Windy City' offers something for everyone ; 'Polyester is new cult film of the 80's ; Meadow Brook sets stage for next season ; SPORTS: 'Hard'gym floor causing injuries Outdated sports center is just too small ; 'Popular' youth camps entering eighth year ; Students fail to place in judo nationals ; Ted Williams helps with freshmen



Eban, Abba Solomon, 1915-2002, Champagne, Joseph E. (Joseph Ernest), 1938-, Budgets, Oakland University. Office of Budget and Financial Planning, Oakland University. Financial Aid, Meadow Brook Theatre