The Oakland Sail 1978-08-28



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Trustees hike students' costs: Tuition up 3.1%; fees by 49% ; Time on policy limited; Students not notified ; 11th hour LS test added ; Resident students make the first move ; Trustees OK computer purchase ; Computer may not last the term ; OU starts health center fee ; Editor's Opinion GHC fee is unfair ; Higher drinking age may affect OU programming ; THE marshall arts ; From A to Z An introduction to OU terms ; Faces in the crowd ; Policy change notice botched News Analysis ; Trustees nix land deal ; The tale behind the OU emblem ; Congress in a nutshell ; JRN classes cost more ; Freshman orientation most hectic ever ; Students Speak Out: What do you think of the new $5 Graham Health Center fee? ; MOVIN' OUT: A guide to off-campus events ; CONCERTS; FILM ; ART ; THEATER ; NIGHTLIFE ; MISC



Writing proficiency, Graham Health Center, OU emblem, Oakland University. Student Congress, Orientation, Computer systems