The Oakland Post 1999-09-29

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Fights break out during Delta Sigma Theta dance ; OU crime reaches 10 year low ; Campus construction creates concern ; CRIME watch ; 24 hour computer lab opening soon ; Meadowbrook Ball waltzes back to OU: New changes will be unmasked at this year's Masquerade Ball ; Student body president urges Board to consider students first ; EDITOR'S view Thumper had it right: good happens at OU ; LETTERS TO THE editor Student questions suite assignment ; Graduate advises students to know their professors ; local Edge FESTIVALS & SHOWS ; SPECIAL INTEREST ; Four Day FORECAST ; Pricing power hits Internet users ; Detroit Casino Rocks: Bright lights and thousands of people fill the MGM Grand nightly ; MOTLEY FOOL U: Renter's Insurance ; life Edge ON CAMPUS ; CONCERTS ; COMING SOON ; Ending days at Tiger stadium encourages hooky ; 'One more time' around: Lynyrd Skynrd and ZZ Top hit the road; head to Detroit ; OU opens its heart with walkers ; 'Mumford' has shrinking appeal ; Beauty in the eye of the beholder ; Now you can buy 'Happiness' ; Run of the Mill ; email cards: Online e-mail greetings take on a new and animated look. E-cards invade some websites and offer an alternative to sending a letter ; For Your ENTERTAINMENT ; sports Edge SCOREBOARD WOMEN'S SOCCER ; UPCOMING GAMES ; The great outdoors ; The Bass Pro Shop in Great Lakes Crossing Mall is an indoor adventure for the outdoor lover ; Hunters become the hunted when protesters go wild ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold: LINDSAY STOVER ; Madness ; BiZarRO ; LEX ; THE UNIVERSAL CROSSWORD ; TOM THE DANCING BUG ; Chuck Shepherd's NEWS OF THE weird



Construction, Crime, Computers, Meadow Brook Ball