The Oakland Sail 1981-03-16

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Recruiters target young and foreign students ; Decisions can be challenged; Tenure process flawed; Otto says ; Headlee joins Tisch in tax cut crusade ; OU student returns to serve as physician ; Old emotions resurface at debate Draft issue still important at OU ; Charter member returns ; Kyes organ unique ; EDITORIAL: New Tisch proposal also spells trouble for colleges ; Understanding key to protection from cults ; Letters LSAT tests are worthwhile ; Summer Institute praised ; Student organization to help save money ; Women must unite to fight 'New Right' ; ENTERTAINMENT: OU Mime Ensemble's reputation grows "Jeririgg" to open festival; tour ; Southern drama at MBT ; Talent-filled week at OU ; SPORTS ; Swim countdown reaches final stages Maglischo confident his team is ready ; OU just can't afford to lose Greg Smith ; The countdown ; Enneking 'not nervous yet' about trip to national meet ; A tale of two teams: Jones stresses positive for women ; Men's season one of 'sheer survival' ; Survival is sports' biggest challenge ; OU begins its search for three fall coaches ; ET CETERA: K-Mart: some great center of learning ; Village Idiot: Visions of a vegy party fill a spacy weekend ; Marathon dancing; beer bashing; belly dancing



Otto, Mary, Oakland University. Graham Health Center, Meadow Brook Theatre, Bailey, Pearl