The Oakland Sail 1987-03-30

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Congress passes bill favoring condom sales ; Speaker says memories of Holocaust remain distinct ; Pres review committee awaits word from board ; Meadow Brook Ball ; Student ensemble plans concert ; ANTIGONE ; Baseball team looks good says Coach Rod Righter ; Commentary usually just a bunch of stupid nonsense ; Geek-of-the-Week: Roger Pleebis ; Hey Gomez ; New intramurals ; Swim coach admits that he doesn't know how to swim ; Bone-crushing experience Spiker exalted by her fellow v-ball players ; Fast action SPORTS Athletics to be phased out next year ; Big-Time wrestling season to begin ; Lepley to be replaced by GM Studies Center ; Mine Insincerely: Is Nothing Sacred Anymore? ; Read all about it! Soil shares exclusive excerpt from soon-to-be published book by Bertha; pig hater ; Population explosion! Wiggins advocates safe goosing ; "NOW WE JUST WAIT" ; FEATURES: Soil staff reveal their fashion secrets! ; Radical masculinist says women belong home; claims his movement growing ; Ex-lab student tells all! Dogs; cats; raccoons; rabbits; all victims of cruel experiments ; Look; look. See how the paper is run ; Litter to the Editors: Asti-Spumante miffed at us ; Group deserves frontpage coverage of event ; Druggies want equal time ; 'Congressional condoms'; video to perk up adverse image ; 3 big cheeses of university shot; university community in shock ; President praises proposed JOA



Condoms, Oakland University. Student Congress, Hilberg, Raul, 1926-2007, Meadow Brook Ball, April Fools' Day