The Oakland Sail 1983-03-21



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OASIS offers tax service ; Follow Through ; $5 million withheld Lansing delays March funds ; Therapy credits upped ; Board hikes fall dorm rates ; Board trims spring rates ; Strategy class compares area breweries ; Seminar will discuss intercultural relations ; Editorial criticism off target ; Center still needed ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS ; Slim pickings foreseen this summer ; Sci-Fi convention returns ; SET plays Tribute ; 10 to Midnight a bad time ; THIS WEEK'S QUIZ: TOPIC - Television ; Greeks gain popularity ; Not what you know ; OPEN SPACE: Choosing not to drink makes for memorable time ; SPORTS ; Jones leaves team; heading for U of D ; Pioneers take second ; Hovland Coach-of-the-Year ; Athletic Director named ; Women finish fifth ; Pioneers reflect on Jones' departure ; Sports - News Design - Business Features



Budgets, Room and board rates, Intercultural studies, Greek letter societies, Sheehy, Gail, Jones, Dewayne