The Oakland Sail 1980-11-03

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Headlee's stand on Proposal D cited Milliken urged to oust OU board chair ; Black vote could influence election ; 'Don't vote!' Group urges new approach ; Congressional race favors incumbent ; State legislator faces challenge ; Sail Shorts; Debate called successful 'Truth Squad'team rates Reagan ; EDITORIAL Voter turnout critical in Tuesday's election ; Letters: Readers come to 'Idiot's' defense ; 'Idiot provides entertainment ; 'Idiot' enjoyable ; Professor clarifies position ; Dramatic budget cuts projected if Tisch passes ; Psychic surgery: no side show; Folk medicine deserves academic recognition ; ENTERTAINMENT: Bands 'Looks' toward vinyl ; Barn presents new play ; Romance star of 'It's My Turn' ; 'Coffee' pleases mystery fans ; SPORTS: Told 'not good enough' OU runners; spikers knocked out of action ; Lupenec provides offensive fireworks for soccer squad ; Young women's swimming team hopes it can continue to improve ; GO FOR IT ; Special basketball issue ; Mad Dogs blank Fource for title ; Heartbreakers beat Porkers in IM final ; Pistons still singing same old tune ; Athletic department sponsoring contest to rename big weekend ; Ex-WOUX disc jockey discusses radio industry ; Congress debates over pay for chairpersons ; ET CETERA ; Village Idiot VOTE YES ON PREPARATION H



Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Presidential elections