The Oakland Observer 1969-01-24

dc.contributorHoney, Mike
dc.contributorBlack, David
dc.contributorBennett, Mark
dc.contributorSachau, Rosalind
dc.contributorZawodni, Cathy
dc.contributorClose, Bill
dc.contributorAllen, Martha
dc.contributorBernstein, David
dc.contributorSchwab, Fran
dc.contributorGaynor, Steven
dc.contributorKnight, Nancy
dc.contributorWebster, Ken
dc.contributorCatton, Davis
dc.contributorWolf, Martin
dc.contributorDutzmann, Ingo
dc.contributorTyson, Clarence
dc.contributorHitchcock, Michael
dc.contributorDavidson, Joe
dc.contributorEdwards, Stan
dc.contributorGrogan, Cindy
dc.contributorMattis, Mary
dc.creatorThe Oakland Sail, Inc.
dc.description.abstractINAUGURATION 1969: The Nixon Ascendancy ; Story Behind Rash of Resignations from SAB ; Investigation Profs Conduct Questioned ; Elbinger Graduation Voted Down ; Draft Counseling Session ; WHAT IT MEANS TO LOVE ; Varsity Club Begins Tutorial ; ABM Meeting to be Held ; PHANTASMAGORIA ; MUSEUMS ; ann arbor creative arts festival ; radical theatre ; theatre ; the draft ; lecture ; THE NIXON ASCENDANCY AND THE STATE OF THE AMERICAN STATE: The State of the American State - Part I: Vietnam ; Part II: The System: Corporate Capitalism ; Part III: Development of the Military-Industrial Alliance ; Part IV: Insanity (I)--The Warfare State ; Part V: Insanity (II)-The Ruling Class - Power Elite ; Part VI: Insanity (III)-The Nixon Election ; Part VII: Conclusion ; Conclusion - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall ; Student Life Kept Doors Closed ; ARTS ; Theatre Needs OU Coeds ; Collegium Musicum Presents Concert ; State Senate To Investigate Student Disorders ; 10th Anniversary Planned ; Burdick and Hough Begin Sabbaticals ; MSU Proposals Refused ; Special Protection for Women? ; Job Opportunities Women's Liberation Male Emancipation ; Former Assembly Member Attacks Student Handbook ; Professor Comments on Elbinger Issue ; COMMENT ON NEW OBSERVER ; Student Urges Boycott of Classes ; Cagers Look Good Earn Weekend Spliten_US
dc.publisherThe Oakland Sail, Inc.
dc.relationFocus: Oakland
dc.relationThe Oakland Sail
dc.relationThe Oakland Post
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dc.subjectStudent Activities Boarden_US
dc.subjectAssociation of Black Studentsen_US
dc.subjectElbinger, Leeen_US
dc.subjectVietnam Waren_US
dc.subjectNixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994en_US
dc.subject10th Anniversaryen_US
dc.titleThe Oakland Observer 1969-01-24


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