The Oakland Observer 1969-01-24



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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


INAUGURATION 1969: The Nixon Ascendancy ; Story Behind Rash of Resignations from SAB ; Investigation Profs Conduct Questioned ; Elbinger Graduation Voted Down ; Draft Counseling Session ; WHAT IT MEANS TO LOVE ; Varsity Club Begins Tutorial ; ABM Meeting to be Held ; PHANTASMAGORIA ; MUSEUMS ; ann arbor creative arts festival ; radical theatre ; theatre ; the draft ; lecture ; THE NIXON ASCENDANCY AND THE STATE OF THE AMERICAN STATE: The State of the American State - Part I: Vietnam ; Part II: The System: Corporate Capitalism ; Part III: Development of the Military-Industrial Alliance ; Part IV: Insanity (I)--The Warfare State ; Part V: Insanity (II)-The Ruling Class - Power Elite ; Part VI: Insanity (III)-The Nixon Election ; Part VII: Conclusion ; Conclusion - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall ; Student Life Kept Doors Closed ; ARTS ; Theatre Needs OU Coeds ; Collegium Musicum Presents Concert ; State Senate To Investigate Student Disorders ; 10th Anniversary Planned ; Burdick and Hough Begin Sabbaticals ; MSU Proposals Refused ; Special Protection for Women? ; Job Opportunities Women's Liberation Male Emancipation ; Former Assembly Member Attacks Student Handbook ; Professor Comments on Elbinger Issue ; COMMENT ON NEW OBSERVER ; Student Urges Boycott of Classes ; Cagers Look Good Earn Weekend Split



Student Activities Board, Association of Black Students, Elbinger, Lee, Vietnam War, Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994, 10th Anniversary