The Oakland Sail 1980-10-13

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Senate forces Board to address Tisch: Urges adoption of public stance against Proposal D ; Trustee defends pro-Tisch position ; Complaint filed against OUBoard ; 'On the Road' with Kuralt Wandering minstrel visits OU ; Renaissance Festival ; Assails Carter; Reagan on economic policies Commoner attacks candidates on major issues ; Legal drinking age stirs debate ; Sail Shorts ; Bush's son canvasses OU; target collegiate support ; Pro-Tisch stance not appropriate for trustee ; Colleges can't afford neutrality on Tisch ; Letters Student offers clarification of barrier-free access law ; MBH defended ; OU considers instructional TV via cable ; Autistic student sees world through a bell jar ; United Way asks for contributions ; Actors steal show in MBT opener ; entertainment special: Ladies Night Out! ; Aroundabout ; Off Campus Event ; "Hot Buns" caters to women ; Attic's 'Paradise' needs more work ; Pro-American march lacks support and students ; Parking sufficient says Public Safety ; OU student body has three shapes ; SPORTS ; OU's Shereda nominated for 'Sportswoman of Year' ; Commentary: Fans also part of the action ; Coming Attractions ; Wrestlers hope to raise $10,000 for new weight-lifting equipment ; Pioneer round-up: Cross country team places fourth ; Women netters win sixth match ; Spring Arbor falls to OU booters ; ET CETERA: Sex; drugs; rock n'roll sells College Papers ; Report card arrives 135 years later ; Village Idiot Fruit-of-the-Looms swiped; exchanged with red jello



Oakland University. Senate, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Kuralt, Charles, 1934-1997, Online instruction, Parking