The Oakland Sail 1983-04-04

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Tax hike passes ; Deferred funds to be received ; Program just short of goal ; Opponent of the draft speaks on resistance ; Life's stages discussed ; Enrollment to drop as seniors graduate ; Rutt's tragic flaw: his courage ; Reprieve offered to males ; EDITORIAL: Student response rivals their image ; Now playing: cuts ; Zorn's opinion not Congress' ; Courses supported ; Gourmet thief strikes ; Call for help from Scotland ; Career Counseling Center set back up ; Writers utilize computers ; Club provides support ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS Rhythm Corps arrives ; New all-girl band a hit ; Band changes name keeps original style ; 'Break' no vacation ; CPS College Headlines: No 'snitching' ; SAT better solo ; Copy cats popular ; Greeks falling ; The writing on the wall ; Secretary hurt ; OPEN SPACE: Liberal arts saved by non-lunch hour ; Two films focus on troubled teens ; Deaf instructor gives open forum; lecture ; OIS plans handicap week ; Detroit hosts ABT ; New film better in retrospect ; SPORTS: Hartman nearly set to begin new post ; New faces for men cagers? ; No 'dumb jocks' here ; Ski team looks back on successful season ; Pioneers lose to Wayne ; Pioneer golfer opts for stage instead ; Solomon Amendment blocked



Budgets, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, POUCH, Sheehy, Gail, Enrollment, Draft, President's Club, Hartman, Paul