The Oakland Sail 1981-11-16



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Shallow wins election for 1982 Congress president ; Jump shot ; Mickey Mouse and God get votes too ; New bill in state legislature could affect OU stock in South Africa ; Residence Halls Representation poses problem for AHC ; Earlier ad deadline for Thanksgiving ; Presidents of four universities get raises While budgets get cut officials take pay hikes ; Donkey basketball ; Anticipation Congress members plot strategies for 1982 ; Smokeout day ; EDITORIAL: An election in which most students did not cast a vote ; Letters to the Editor: Attack on Congress unjustified ; Search committee broke no laws ; Statistics on women are a put-down to men ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS: Low budget means new concert offerings ; Dance Department handles cuts creatively ; 'Candide' is entertaining despite having minor flaws ; Village Idiot: Campus-wide epidemic stems from bagel sales ; Pioneers feel they deserve winning season after last year's catasastrophe ; winning Hillsdale picked to return as champ ; Frederick 'guarding' against: Hopes promising batch of recruits will fill gaping hole in backcourt ; Special Men's Basketball Issue: An exciting team would attract fans and dollars ; Schedule ; Apogee 9 wins IM grid title ; WPON to carry 10 games ; Grobbel 54th in U.S. meet ; OU booters denied tourney berth ; KETTLE CART



Oakland University. Student Congress, Residence halls, Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences. School of Music, Theatre and Dance