The Oakland Sail 1978-10-23

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Cause of clubhouse fire remains mystery ; Congress wants requirement phased in L.S. policy may change ; Senate approves music degree ; Discusses PBB; Headlee; and Proposal D Politician Milliken exudes open style ; Tae Kwon Do teaches art of releasing tension ; Congress freezes spendingFoster will veto measure ; The Marshall Arts ; Guest Commentary Administrators get IQ award ; FEEDBACK: Personal Attack ; Privacy? ; Faces In The Crowd ; collegiate crossword: Sponsored by The Bookcenter and CIPO ; Students Speak Out: What Is your favorite T. V. show? Why? ; Sail Review: 'Very good' production of 'great' play ; Nightlife is all around OU - So after studying ; Jethro Tull: Never too old to Rock 'n Roll ; Loss leaves Pioneers with 14-2 record Netters drop tough match to Wayne ; Saginaw Valley wins again Thinclads finish in 5th place at GLIAC championships ; Women's volleyball squad drops first match of season at Lake Superior ; Professional Sports briefs ; OU rated tenth in Mid-East Pioneer booters lose two In Illinois ; AHC stuns defending champion Lakers in IM basketball action ; 'Pioneer Spotlight' Valliere turns IM activities around for the better at OU ; 'Douche' win retains perfect IM record ; Students search for their roots ; MOVIN' OUT: A guide to off-campus events ; Concerts ; Lectures ; Theater ; Film ; Art ; Nightlife ; Misc ; Lord and Burnham Greenhouse: One place where flowers bloom year-round



Writing proficiency, Milliken, William, 1922-2019, Oakland University. Student Congress, Student life, Meadow Brook Greenhouse