The Oakland Sail 1979-04-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Special committee never formed Trustees delay vote on S. African issue ; Students; profs voice concerns at hearings ; Follow the leader! ; Seventh fire set in Van Waeoner ; Letters from our Readers: Student questions Congress' motives ; Advice for anonymous OU critic ; Congress denies non-involvement in credit change ; Student looks to Congress for credit change information ; Library again defends past closings ; A thank you for library door guards ; Letter Sports & Rec "Red Tape" bothers alumnist ; Leader Dogs penetrate dark ; For 20 year they've worked the OC halls ; Coaching changes overshadow 'Year of Achievements' Sail salutes 20 departing athletes ; Spring teams continue quest in Great Lakes Conference ; Students Speak Out: "Would you favor OU following U of M's policy of having no classes the week before finals?" ; SRC wants to finish survey by Fall registration OU Undiapered seeks help from professors



Dorm fires, South Africa, Three credit system, Leader Dogs for the Blind, OU Undiapered