The Oakland Sail 1978-12-04

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Divestiture argued at S. African forum ; Trustees divided on wages ; Religious violation charged Suit filed over Proposal D ; Costs keep student names out of OU directories ; After 8 years of planning Library addition biding time ; Detroit historian paints pictures of city's future ; Two TV sets stolen from dorm lounges ; The Marshall Arts ; Sail Editorial Divestment:a wise policy? ; Award winners announced ; Letters from our readers: Where is support? ; Grading unfair ; Congress predicts $1,000 deficit ; Last weeks answer ; collegiate crossword: Sponsored by The Bookcenter and CIPO ; ACROSS ; Students Speak Out ; Do you think the AWS has the right to exist? ; OU scenery makes for pretty pictures ; Alpha; beta; gamma ; Wars won; lost - it's a game ; OU student studies rearview mirrors ; Disqualification spoilstankers' hopes ; Matmen learn in South ; 'Rock's Korner ; 4 firsts can't buoy women swimmers ; Women rout Windsor; eye Western Michigan ; Death Wish; Penthouse '9 share title ; Pro Sports Calendar ; Central snaps cage win streak ; MOVIN' OUT: A Guide to Off-Campus Events ; Concerts ; Film ; Art ; Theatre ; Misc ; An Old-fashioned Christmas ; Students mourn Bertha's 'death'



South Africa, Salary increases, Telephone directories, Kresge Library, Crime, Greek letter societies