The Oakland Sail 1987-04-06

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Congress defers action on committee for race relations; name change ; Little man on campus ; Condoms could be available by fall ; Alice Gorlin of School of Business dies ; Getting a sneak preview of college ; Freshman elected as AHC president ; Book exchange started as means to trade texts ; Yearly increases in faculty salaries may be peaking ; EDITORIAL: Presidential review progressing slowly ; Letters to the Editor: Cartoon likely to poison OU campus atmosphere ; Discrimination not behind student's inability to get help from fraternity ; People reading into comic racism that isn 't even there ; FEATURES Ex-Nazi; Jew tell WWII stories ; Students directing own plays ; Student opera to play at Meadow Brook ; MBT's 'Play It Again; Sam' leaves audience laughing ; Editor's Note ; Rebirth of Cities lectures concentrate on minorities ; Female to male ratio unequal ; SPORTS: Baseball begins on bad note ; Northmen top Pioneers in first match of season ; Tiger Trivia ; Squad wants school funding Athletic department now debating pompon's future ; Player-of-the-Week Mark VanderMey ; Goodbye Sugar Ray; it's been nice knowing you. Love; Marv



Race relations, Condoms, Obituaries, Area Hall Council, Diversity