The Oakland Sail 1981-10-26

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Marianne Poulin This is recruiting? ; Festival retires $67,000 deficit breaks even over 1981 season ; More state budget cuts could hurt student loans; grants next year ; A financial aid rip-off? Maybe ; Budget cuts would be 'disastrous' Eye research: a slow quest for breakthroughs ; Paddle pro ; OU junior stresses fun instead of competition ; Merging departments search for a name ; Money spent in aid search may produce no benefits ; Layout of sidewalks on campus unites with geese to cause problems ; EDITORIAL: Festival could create more revenue for OU ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS Musicians learn how to 'make it big' Commercial Music offers experience to students ; Village Idiot: Nuclear radiation gets out of hand in Hannah Hall ; Actors take up fencing for swashbuckling production ; Music: Technical errors flaw new artist's album ; Run; net squads stumble in league play ; SPORTS: Some programs could drown if flood of cuts continues ; Booster clubs help keep athletic department afloat ; This soccer player has really flipped over his sport ; OU athletic trainer stresses injury prevention ; Signs of autumn



Meadow Brook Music Festival, Oakland University. Eye Research Institute