Mathematical model for outgassing and contamination

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A model for the mathematical description of the processes of outgassing and contamination in a vacuum system is proposed. The underlying assumptions are diffusion in the source, convection and diffusion in the cavity, mass transfer across the source-cavity interface, and a generalization of the Langmuir isotherm for the sorption kinetics on the target. Three approximations are considered where the asymptotic behavior of the model for large time is shown as well as the dependence and sensitivity of the model on some of the parameters. Some numerical examples of the full model are then presented together with a proof of the uniqueness of the solution.



Outgassing, Contamination, Convection-diffusion, Generalized Langmuir conditions, Sorption kinetics


Fang, W., Shillor, M., Stahel, E., Epstein, E., Ly, C., McNiel, J., & Zaron, E. (1991). A mathematical model for outgassing and contamination. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 51(5), 1327-1355.