The Oakland Sail 1979-11-05

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Do student groups really need more money? ; Med-school proposal meets scared opposition ; Board of Tustees decides to dose meeting to public ; Inside ; FEATURES: Band "flirtin" with stardom ; Album not worth $15.98 list "Tusk" impales Mac's image ; The CALENDAR: DANCE ; EXHIBITS ; FILM ; LECTURES ; MEETINGS ; MUSIC ; SPORTS ; THEATRE ; TOURS ; CH. 56 HIGHLIGHTS ; Archaelogists strive for preservation ; Sail provides passes for college comedy ; Jazz insights ; 'Wanda June' celebrates birthday ; HAPPY BIRTHDAY WANDA JUNE ; 'Diary' still powerful ; Adolescent fires rekindled ; AN EVENING FOR MERLIN FINCH ; ANNE FRANK CAST ; Tin Men worthy foes Jaws to defend IM title ; Rock's Korner ; OU student happy with coaching task ; Spikers share great lakes title ; Booters halt CMU ; Male standards for female trainees Alumnus finds Air Force is rigorous ; State mediator called to assist union negotiation ; Students needed for internships ; EDITORIAL: Board session violates Open Meetings Act ; Sail finances require supplimental dollars ; THE MARSHALL ARTS ; Solar works the only way to go in the future ; Trivia ; Twas the night before computers ; Danger ; Drinking ; STUDENT SPEAK OUT



Oakland University. Student Organizations, Oakland University. William Beaumont School of Medicine, 20th Anniversary, Oakland University. Student Congress, Archaeology, Unions