The Oakland Sail 1985-10-07



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Congress sponsors public hearing ; Professors earn higher salary for jobs in greater demand fields ; Fraternity suspended after brawl ; Professors ratify contract ; Oakland cited as best buy ; Caught with coke ; SFH evacuated due to smoke ; EDITORIAL: Campus guest policy: Just how safe is it ; Letters to the Editor: Extension causes controversy ; Tornado scare worries student ; Students displeased with WOUX: Some like it hot! ; Others do not ; FEATURES: Orange Lake Drive Jazz-rock fusion a hit at Crockery ; Leftist farce at Attic Theatre ; Views on Vinyl ; Ten tips on decorating a dorm room ; FILM NOTE: Detroit area theatres begin new season ; SPORTS: Team improving steadily Pioneers surge ahead ; Drop two at Ferris Spikers fall in tournament ; Cross country team impressive in meets ; Soccer club ties U-M; still winless ; Golfers fare well at Notre Dame ; Tennis team improves



Academic calendars, Fraternities, Omega Psi Phi, South Foundation Hall