The Oakland Sail 1981-10-05

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Balancing the state budget costs OU more than $500,000 ; Penthouse Party ; University Congress to launch lobbying campaign for fewer cuts in education ; Still with university in 'spirit ' Retired trustee reflects on an 11-year career at OU ; OU trustee's son dies of injuries from plane crash ; Mahaffey calls for lobbying to combat new budget cuts ; New Head Resident has come a long way ; EDITORIAL: Education has given way to new set of priorities ; A penny saved - is soon spent ; 1981 University Congress "Your Voice" ; PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE ; OCTOBER ALLOCATED ; LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD ; ENTERTAINMENT FOR OCTOBER ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS ; Harris' understudy shines in 'Camelot' ; Village Idiot: Foresaken by love; Idiot is driven to drink ; Movies Australian-made 'Gallipoli' is a poignant film ; Aroundabout ; SPORTS: OU needs buyers before it can sell its sports program ; Special week to promote OU athletics starts today ; Keeping up to date ; MSU to test No. 1 booters ; Pioneers out to avenge last year's 2-2 tie ; Not many goals; but senior Read still a leader for OU booters



Budget appropriations, Budget cuts, Champagne, Joseph E. (Joseph Ernest), 1938-, Oakland University. Student Congress