The Oakland Post 2000-09-20

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


NEWS edge ; Faculty votes on contract ; Halpin introduces students to Logic ; OUSC hosts voter registration BBQ ; Career Prep Week planned to ease students into jobs ; News of the weird ; Freshmen PAUSE before drinking ; Five OU students exchange with German visitors ; Cost a factor in housing choice ; Walk to Varner included in Olympics this year ; EDITOR view Shock journalism lowers standard ; LETTERS to the editor Voting is your responsibility ; October 5 registration deadline approaches ; BiZaRrO ; TOM the DANCING BUG PRESENTS ; LEX ; MOTLEY FOOLU: PICKING STOCKS ; Credit card debt common ; Acquaintance-Rape: R.A.D. teaches self-defense ; Four Day weather forecast ; SPORTS edqe SCORE BOARD ; Images dance squad places first at UDA's ; Women get two wins last weekend ; Fans turn out; Grizzlies don't against Dayton ; Intramural Sports could be answer for many on campus ; 'Vicious' golf course doesn't rattle Grizzlies ; Olympic NEWS ; Intramural sports offer fun alternative to television watching ; Cross Country women make history in Midwest Collegiate: Men tie for 14th place ; LIFE edge On Campus ; CONCERTS ; COMING SOON ; MUSIC LESSONS: Online music serves up variety of websites Napster: Stealing; Sharing? ; supplies more than'downloads ; simplifies digital music experience; features virtual locker to store downloads: Service offers music from Kid Rock to Aimee Mann ; Meadow Brook Theatre dancer into season ; Kiss it goodbye ; Williams exhibit presents retrospective paintings ; "Stillwater runs deep" ; Paltrow film delivers off key performance ; For Your entertainment



Faculty contracts, Alcohol, Study abroad, Dormitories, Residence halls, Credit cards, Self-defense