The Oakland Post 1988-01-11



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Sub-zero temperatures arrive with new semester ; Student adjusts to new heart ; Fire behind library destroys construction equipment ; College dean accepts job in California ; MEA president lives education around the clock: Government needs to redo priorities; trustee says ; NEWS BRIEFS: Illegal sledders caught by police ; Board meets ; Hamlin has false fire alarm ; 13th student tries suicide ; Safety; health directors selected ; Automatic doors postive move; like to see more ; BAM educational; time to study races ; Letters to the Editor: World not full of 'sunshine; roses' paper must give facts ; 'Post' headlines on food service articles poor; misleading ; Commencements for class '88 should occur on same day ; Vacationers use holiday time well ; Performances in play provide class ; New Years holiday ties memories; hopes together ; Students; faculty recall trends on campus from the past year ; Holiday resolutions continue to gain originality; creativity ; Recognition of frostbite; hypothermia symptoms crucial ; Automatic doors provide options to disabled people ; Frenzied acting style works well in new comic movie ; What's Happening ; Hoopsters fall to Michigan Tech: Gregory records 171st assist for school record ; Image? What image? ; Lady Pioneer cagers win 6 of 7 over holidays: Enter league schedule leading division with 13-1 record ; Tankers beat Cleveland State; 2 divers qualify nationally ; Fencers' new instructor has plenty of experience to pass on to students ; Swimmers get tans in Florida; ready to continue with season



Copenhaver, Brian, Fires, McMahon, Matt, Heart transplant, Chunovich, Larry, Hypothermia, Frostbite, Automatic doors, Handicapped accessibility, Resolutions, Michigan Education Association