The Oakland Sail 1984-01-16

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Twilight Zone ; Caution: "Walkman-style"stereos may be hazardous to your health ; arbitrator will rule: Prof. fights dismissal ; Detroit needy would appreciate warm clothing ; Cheap books in Pontiac ; News analysis: Lebanon situation hopeless ; Watt cultivates lecture circuit ; Phoney birthday cake distributor sweet talks cash out of parents ; EDITORIAL: Unexplained cost to grads questioned ; Other Voices ; CAMPUS LIVING - ARTS ; "Cinema" hopes for some local support ; Your lucky day and the winner is ; OPEN SPACE: Friday the 13th ; Student offers concert ; Culture Club likes U.S. ; Diversions ; SPORTS: Women dump Bulldogs; 88- 54 ; Swimmers to end vacation ; CLIFF'S NOTES: Cheerleading squad grabs audiences with their talent ; Gebauer holds tryouts midway into season ; Women defeat U of M after supposed "tie" ; Cagers' punch K.O.s Ferris ; The best to be honored by teaching excellence awards ; Bumpy ROADS ; McClory urges student input ; A Cheerleader Practice



Arbitration, Walkman, Cheerleading, Teaching Excellence Awards