The Oakland Post 2006-10-18

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Textual temptations: Throughout the past few years; the number of plagiarism cases on-campus have risen; possibly due to increasing technology; poor time management ; HOCKEY Men's hockey wins a pair over the weekend ; 300 million and counting ; Classifieds ; FROM A1 ; Expanded art program meets changing needs: New media; education focus added ; WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND? ; WOCOU TALENT SHOW ; Expert: Make the most out of your first year of college ; Michael Brown visit is humorous ; "Snowy baseball" Larry Wright ; GUEST COLUMN Don't play with plagiarism ; "300 million Americans" Mike Keefe ; "Laura and Barney" Sandy Huffaker ; Isolating North Korea ; THE WORLD IN BRIEF ; Record industry launches lawsuits against music pirates ; project RUNWAY ; HALLOWE'EN IN GREENFIELD VILLAGE ; Xombified Web site keeps zombie story alive ; OU gets hungry for change: World Hunger Awareness Week comes to OU ; Shop the swap and save on skis: Events offer affordable new and used equipment ; Billboards in Lebanon comment on war ; Good Chocolate: It's all in the numbers: Should you cook with it or eat in as a snack? Chocolate: defined ; OU falls this week: Grizzlies lose two straight ; FINALLY! ; WEEKLY ROUNDUP ; HEY! LOOK HERE! ; Friday Night Fever: Golden Grizzlies make season debut at Hoops Madness; with a 70s twist



Plagiarism, Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences. Department of Art and Art History, New degree programs, Weekend of Champions, Student conduct, Hunger awareness, Hoops Madness