The Oakland Sail 1978-11-13

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Congress executives shuffled: President impeached ; EA forced out by president ; Students protest Oil's Investments ; Athletic Director quits swimming coach position ; Only age eligibility to change OU to keep drinking policy ; Ma Bell plans to charge for information Let your fingers do the walking before dialing ; Student escapes abduction attempt ; Computer shortens research time ; Building lofts will take more than just wood and energy ; The Marshall Arts ; Sail Editorial Presidential candidate likeable but ; Letters from our readers: Student harassed for 'racism' ; Mum's the word ; SAGA responds ; Students Speak Out: What Does University Congress Do? ; Political Science Prof does jury research ; CAMPUS PROFILE ; Something else ; Sail Review: Top OU show Starts here; now ; Dracula a sell out in more ways than one ; MBT's latest a real champion ; 1978-79 University Congress Elections Edition ; Mary Sue Rogers ; Bob Knoska ; Bruce Babcock ; Michael McClory ; Paul Grossman ; 1978-79 Congress Elections Edition ; Eye best season in four years Young grapplers strong at each position ; Field goal In closing moments lifts Jaws over Douche for title ; Slashers; Jaws; Muffs roll ; Basketball Action ; Pro Sports Calendar ; Tankers place in relays ; Sports ; Booters close out year by losing to Bowling Green ; MOVIN' OUT A Guide to Off-Campus Events ; Concerts ; Art ; Theatre ; Misc ; Students keep in shape One - two - three



Oakland University. Student Congress, Athletics, Alcohol policy, Kresge Library