The Oakland Observer 1969-01-31

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


ABS Condemns Administrative "Arrogance" ; University Inquest Passed ; Huber In Rochester Takes Time Off Work Relates Shakespeare ; Recommendation For OU Budget ; Student Committee Sets 1969 Allocations for Campus Activities ; Black Study ; Commemoration for Isaac Jones ; Varner Speaks to Commuters ; Candidates for Miss OU ; CRIME ; Dionysus '69-Artists Arrested ; MB Festival Director To Resign ; ARTS: Review: Taj Blues ; PHANTASMAGORIA ; ann arbor creative arts festival ; meadow brook theatre ; on campus ; arts ; thatre ; lecture ; the draft: flicks ; film ; good food? ; History of the Working Class ; Research Commune Formed ; US IMPERALISM CUBA EXPLOITATION WORKING CLASS: Black Speakers on Unions - Newspapers ; University Regulations Discriminate Against Women ; Comment on the American Cinema ; Campus Police Show Favoritism ; Students on Board of Trustees? ; Student Says: 'The Minority Isn't Always Right' ; Commission Fills Vacant Positions ; Wayne A.B.S. Develops Black College ; sport shorts ; Oakland Cagers Beat Lake Superior State 114-88 ; Flight to London Offered ; Swimmers Take Victories



Association of Black Students, Commuter Council, Hicks, James D., Women, Student rights