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  • Data Management 101 (Research Data Management presentation for SEHS) 

    Thielen, Joanna; Nichols Hess, Amanda (2017)
    This presentation was given to graduate students in OU's School of Education and Human Services (SEHS) doctoral program during the Winter 2017 semester. It provides a general introduction to research data management and ...
  • Partnership for Diversity: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Nurturing Cultural Competence at an Emerging Medical School 

    Swanberg, Stephanie M; Abuelroos, Dena; Dabaja, Emman; Jurva, Stephanie; Martin, Kimberly; McCarron, Joshua; Reed-Hendon, Caryn; Yeow, Raymond Y.; Harriott, Melphine M. (Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 2015-10)
    Fostering cultural competence in higher education institutions is essential, particularly in training future health care workers to care for diverse populations. The opportunity to explore techniques to address diversity ...
  • Exploring information security and shared encrypted spaces in libraries 

    Engwall, Keith D. (Code4Lib Journal, 2015-01-15)
    Libraries are sensitive to the need to protect patron data, but may not take measures to protect the data of the library. However, in an increasingly collaborative online environment, the protection of data is a concern ...
  • To search or to browse: How users navigate a new interface for online library tutorials 

    Nichols Hess, Amanda; Hristova, Mariela (2016-07)
    As academic libraries create online learning objects, it is important to consider whether such resources actually reach and answer the questions of intended users. This study considers three points of inquiry for one ...
  • Equipping academic librarians to integrate the Framework: A theoretical application 

    Nichols Hess, Amanda (2015-11)
    Academic librarians are increasingly charged with providing instruction in conducting research and using library resources to students, faculty, and staff in higher education. In early 2015, the Association of College and ...
  • Conducting formative evaluation online 

    Nichols Hess, Amanda; Moseley, James (2016-02)
    In this article, the authors explore how to conduct formative evaluation of a freestanding library e-course using online resources.
  • Books, bytes, and buildings: The academic library's unique role in improving student success 

    Nichols Hess, Amanda; Greer, Katie; Lombardo, Shawn V.; Lim, Adriene (2015-10)
    Student persistence and completion are paramount in higher education, and institutions are employing targeted programs and initiatives to address these concerns. The academic library can play an especially important role ...
  • Isolation and comparative analysis of potential stem/progenitor cells from different regions of human umbilical cord 

    Beeravolu, Naimisha; Khan, Irfan; McKee, Christina; Dinda, Sumi; Thibodeau, Bryan; Wilson, George; Perez-Cruet, Mick; Bahado-Singh, Ray; Chaudhry, G. Rasul (2016-10-27)
    Human umbilical cord (hUC) blood and tissue are non-invasive sources of potential stem/progenitor cells with similar cell surface properties as bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs). While they are limited in cord blood, they ...
  • Instructional methods used by health sciences librarians to teach evidence-based practice (EBP): a systematic review 

    Swanberg, Stephanie M; Dennison, Carolyn Ching; Farrell, Alison; Machel, Viola; Marton, Christine; O'Brien, Kelly K; Pannabecker, Virginia; Thuna, Mindy; Holyoke, Assako Nitta (Journal of the Medical Library Association, 2016-07)
    Background Librarians often teach evidence-based practice (EBP) within health sciences curricula. It is not known what teaching methods are most effective. Methods A systematic review of the literature was conducted ...
  • The librarian leading the machine: A reassessment of library instruction methods 

    Greer, Katie; Nichols Hess, Amanda; Kraemer, Elizabeth W. (2016-05)
    This article builds on the 2007 College and Research Libraries article, “The Librarian, the Machine, or a Little of Both.” Since that time, Oakland University Libraries implemented changes to its instruction program that ...
  • Continuing education for medical students: a library model 

    Swanberg, Stephanie M.; Engwall, Keith D.; Mi, Misa (Journal of the Medical Library Association, 2015-10)
    PURPOSE: The research assessed a three-year continuing medical education-style program for medical students in a Midwestern academic medical library. METHODS: A mixed methods approach of a survey and two focus groups ...
  • A case study of job-embedded learning 

    Nichols Hess, Amanda (2016-04)
    Librarians recognize the importance of professional learning as their roles and responsibilities evolve in the shifting teaching and learning environments of the twenty-first century. However, the literature on meaningful, ...
  • Cognitive bias in rats is not influenced by oxytocin 

    Williams, Keith L (2016-10-27)
    The effect of oxytocin on cognitive bias was investigated in rats in a modified conditioned place preference paradigm. Fifteen male rats were trained to discriminate between two different cue combinations, one paired ...
  • Product measurability with applications to a stochastic contact problem with friction 

    Kuttler, Kenneth; Shillor, Meir (2014-12)
    A new product measurability result for evolution equations with random inputs, when there is no uniqueness of the ω-wise problem, is established using results on measurable selection theorems for measurable multi- functions. ...
  • A Model for Chagas Disease with Oral and Congenital Transmission 

    Coffield, Daniel; Spagnuolo, Anna Maria; Shillor, Meir; Mema, Ensela; Pell, Bruce; Pruzinsky, Amanda; Zetye, Alexandra (2013-06)
    This work presents a new mathematical model for the domestic transmission of Chagas disease, a parasitic disease affecting humans and other mammals throughout Central and South America. The model takes into account congenital ...
  • Dynamic contact of two GAO beams 

    Ahn, Jeongho; Kuttler, Kenneth; Shillor, Meir (2012-11)
    The dynamic contact of two nonlinear Gao beams that are connected with a joint is modeled, analyzed, and numerically simulated. Contact is modeled with either (i) the normal compliance condition, or (ii) the unilateral ...
  • Regularity result for the problem of vibrations of a nonlinear beam 

    M'Bengue, M.F.; Shillor, Meir (2008-02)
    A model for the dynamics of the Gaonon linear beam, which allows for buckling, is studied. Existence and uniqueness of the local weak solution was established in Andrews et al. (2008). In this work the further regularity ...
  • Dynamic contact with normal compliance wear and discontinuous friction coefficient 

    Shillor, Meir (2002-08)
    We apply the recent theory of evolution inclusions forset-valued pseudomonotone maps, developed in Kuttler and Shillor[Commun.Contemp.Math.,1(1999),pp.87–123]to the problem of dynamic frictional contact with normal compliance ...
  • Mathematical model for outgassing and contamination 

    Shillor, Meir (1991-10)
    A model for the mathematical description of the processes of outgassing and contamination in a vacuum system is proposed. The underlying assumptions are diffusion in the source, convection and diffusion in the cavity, mass ...
  • A frictional contact problem for an electro-viscoelastic body 

    Lerguet, Zhor; Shillor, Meir; Sofonea, Mircea (2007-12)
    A mathematical model which describes the quasistatic frictional contact between a piezoelectric body and a deformable conductive foundation is studied. A nonlinear electro-viscoelastic constitutive law is used to model the ...

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