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  • A latent transition analysis of team conflict profiles 

    McLarnon, Matthew, J. W.; Larson, Nicole, L.; O'Neill, Thomas, A. (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2018-04)
    Although team conflict is often described as being dynamic in nature, little research has investigated change in conflict over time. Taking a team-centered perspective and using latent transition analysis, this study ...
  • A Massively Flipped Class-Designing and implementing active learning information literacy instruction for a large enrollment course 

    Rodriguez, Julia (2016)
    Purpose This paper describes and analyzes how one-shot library instruction sessions for large lecture classes can effectively be “flipped” and can incorporate active learning activities as part of both the online and the ...
  • Special issue on algebra and computational algebraic geometry 

    Elezi, Artur; Shaska, Tony (Albanian J. Math., 2007-12)
    Algebraic geometry is one of the main branches of modern mathematics with roots from classical Italian geometers. Its modern flavor started with Grothendieck and continued with many illustrious algebraic geometers of the ...
  • Thetanulls of cyclic curves of small genus 

    Previato, Emma; Shaska, Tony; Wijesiri, Sujeeva (Albanian J. Math., 2007-12-15)
    We study relations among the classical thetanulls of cyclic curves, namely curves $\X$ (of genus $g(\X )>1$ ) with an automorphism $\s$ such that $\s$ generates a normal subgroup of the group $G$ of automorphisms, and $g ...
  • Kalkulus I 

    Shaska, Tanush (AulonaPress, 2017-12-03)
  • Rational points in the moduli space of genus two 

    Shaska, Tony; Beshaj, Lubjana; Hidalgo, Ruben; Kruk, Serge; Malmendier, Andreas; Quispe, Saul (Contemporary Mathematics, 2018)
    We build a database of genus 2 curves defined over the field of rationals.
  • Some open problems in computational algebraic geometry. 

    Shaska, Tony (Albanian J. Math., 2007-12-15)
    The development of computational techniques in the last decade has made possible to attack some classical problems of algebraic geometry from a computational viewpoint. In this survey, we briefly describe some open ...
  • Curves of genus 2 with (n, n)--decomposable Jacobians 

    Shaska, Tony (Journal of Symbolic Computation, 2001-05)
    Let C be a curve of genus 2 and ψ1: C − → E 1 a map of degree n, from C to an elliptic curveE1 , both curves defined over C. This map induces a degree n map φ1:P1 − → P 1 which we call a Frey–Kani covering. We determine ...
  • On generalized superelliptic Riemann surfaces 

    Hidalgo, Ruben; Quispe, Saul; Shaska, Tony (eprint arXiv:1609.09576, 2016-11-01)
    A closed Riemann surface X, of genus g ≥ 2, is called a generalized superelliptic curve of level n ≥ 2 if it admits an order n conformal automorphism τ so that X/hτihas genus zero and τ is central in Aut(X); the cyclic ...
  • On the automorphism groups of some AG-codes based on C_{a,b} curves 

    Shaska, Tony; Wang, Quang (2006-01-15)
    We study Ca,b curves and their applications to coding theory. Recently, Joyner and Ksir have suggested a decoding algorithm based on the automorphisms of the code. We show how Ca,b curves can be used to construct MDS ...
  • Awareness and Attitudes about Open Access Publishing: A Glance at Generational Differences 

    Rodriguez, Julia E. (2014)
    INTRODUCTION OA publishing is now solidly established as a publishing model. This study examines current faculty members understanding of and perceptions of OA publishing, focusing on demographic data that divide faculty ...
  • Scholarly Communications Competencies: Open Access Training for Librarians 

    Rodriguez, Julia E. (2015)
    Purpose The purpose of this article is to describe one example of an academic library using existing internal expertise and targeted events to provide training for liaison librarians in support of new scholarly communication ...
  • Isogenous elliptic subcovers of genus two curves 

    Beshaj, Lubjana; Elezi, Artur; Shaska, Tony (2017-11-02)
    We prove that for $N=2,3, 5, 7$ there are only finitely many genus two curves $\X$ (up to isomorphism) defined over $\Q$ with $(2, 2)$-split Jacobian and $\Aut (\X)\iso V_4$, such that their elliptic subcovers are ...
  • Self-inversive polynomials, curves, and codes 

    Shaska, Tony; Joyner, David (American Mathematical Society, 2016-03-05)
    We study connections between self-inversive and self-reciprocal polynomials, reduction theory of binary forms, minimal models of curves, and formally self-dual codes
  • Mësimdhënia e matematikës nëpërmjet problemeve klasike 

    Shaska, Tony; Shaska, Bedri (Albanian J. Math., 2016-12-03)
    In this paper we discuss how teaching of mathematics for middle school and high school students can be improved dramatically when motivation of concepts and ideas is done through the classical problems and the history of ...
  • Combinatorial Algorithm for Quadratic Programs with Laplacian Structure 

    Kruk, Serge; Nierman, Ryan; Shi, Peter (Utilitas Mathematica, 2016)
    An algorithm is presented that uses a mostly combinatorial approach to solve a family of convex quadratic programs over box constraints. It is proved that for convex programs with the required structure, the ...
  • Influence of peer feedback on the relations between communication, coordination, and performance in global virtual teams 

    McLarnon, Matthew J. W.; Law, Denise; O'Neill, Thomas A.; Taras, Vasyl; Donia, Magda B. L.; Steel, Piers (European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, 2017-05)
    The use of virtual teams is increasing in large, multinational organizations around the globe. However, teams of this type, often referred to as global virtual teams (GVTs), are faced with numerous challenges and coordination ...
  • Introducing profiles of team conflict 

    McLarnon, Matthew J. W. (Canadian Psychological Association, 2017-06)
    There are three types of team conflict accepted in modern literature: task conflict, relationship conflict, and process conflict. Task conflict suggests differences in opinions and perspectives about the task itself. ...
  • Profiles of expressed humility in leadership 

    McLarnon, Matthew J. W. (Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, 2017-04)
    From both research and practical standpoints, the interest in expressed humility has grown substantially. This is likely associated with humility being considered as a core organizational value. In the current study, we ...
  • Trajectories of resiliency and well-being after job loss 

    McLarnon, Matthew J. W.; Rothstein, Mitchell G. (Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, 2017-04)
    It should not be surprising that losing one’s job will have profound negative effects on well-being (Wanberg, 2012). Resiliency may be one set of resources an individual can use to restore well-being after being fired. ...

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