Oakland Journal Number 02: Fall 2000

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    Reconciliation in South Africa: Mandela’s Legacy
    (2000-10-01) Khapoya, Vincent B.; Brieger, Gottfried
    Experiences and observations in post-apartheid South Africa from a member of the United Nations Observer Mission, one of 64 Americans chosen by the State Department and the United Nations to observe the historic elections in which, for the first time, South Africans of all races were permitted to vote.
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    Art in Rome: 313 - 1300 A.D. Recognition, Reconstruction, Restoration
    (Oakland University, 2000-10-01) Ngote, Louisa C.; Brieger, Gottfried
    The influence of imperial Rome and Christianity on art and architecture in Rome from 313–1300 A.D, Emperors, kings, popes, and private citizens set policy, financed construction, and selected the best artists available.
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    Bartering Books: Doing Research in Central Brazil
    (Oakland University, 2000-10-01) Karasch, Mary C.; Brieger, Gottfried
    The author describes some of the more interesting characteristics of doing historical research on a remote region of Brazil in the late colonial period.
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    Comedy, Tragedy, Theology
    (Oakland University, 2000-10-01) Hoyle, James; Brieger, Gottfried
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    Remembering Robbin
    (Oakland University, 2000-10-01) Ozinga, James R.; Brieger, Gottfried
    Essay in remembrance of Robbin Hough, long-time chairman of the economics department of the College of Arts and Sciences at Oakland University.
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    Radiation - Risks and Rewards
    (Oakland University, 2000-10-01) Sevilla, Michael D.; Brieger, Gottfried
    Scientists have investigated the effects of radiation now for over 100 years and while much is known about the biological effects of radiation there still continues controversy about the risks of low radiation doses in cancer induction. This article is meant to fill in some background on the history of radiation and to give an overview of what are the likely risks of radiation from the environment as well as radiation exposure from medical tests.
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    A Model for Student Experiential Learning
    (Oakland University, 2000-10-01) Scott, Chaunda L.; Brieger, Gottfried
    Experiential learning, in the form of service-learning, is one of the best ways to teach for the development of the whole person.
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    Woody Varner
    (Oakland University, 2000-10-01) Burke, Richard J.; Brieger, Gottfried
    Essay in remembrance of Woody Varner
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    Book Review: Edmund Morris, Dutch
    (Oakland University, 2000-10-01) Appleton, Sheldon; Brieger, Gottfried
    Book review of a biography of Ronald Reagan.
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    (Oakland University, 2000-10-01) Barnes, Carl M.; Brieger, Gottfried
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    Just For You
    (Oakland University, 2000-10-01) Johnson, Kim; Brieger, Gottfried
    Short story
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    (Oakland University, 2000-10-01) Brieger, Gottfried
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