Oakland Journal Number 21: Fall 2011

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    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01)
    Oakland Journal Issue 21 cover, statement of purpose, and table of contents
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    Holocaust Aesthetics: Four Films
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Piskulich, Pat
    ...the means and ends associated with preserving memory, particularly in the case of the Holocaust, are quite controversial.
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    In the Valley of Elah: Excavations at Khirbet Qeiyafa, Israel
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Pytlik, Michael; Stamps, Richard; Cole, Natalie B.
    In 2009, nine Oakland University students and two faculty members, Associate Professor Richard Stamps and Special Instructor Michael Pytlik, participated in an excavation at the small site of Khirbet Qeiyafa, also known as biblical Sha’arayim, Israel. In 2010, thirteen students returned with these faculty members, to the same site for further excavations, and to learn in a more developed field school.
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    The Book of Mirrors: an Excerpt
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Gilson, Annette; Cole, Natalie B.
    Excerpt from a novel
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    Adams and Jefferson: Personal Politics of the Early Republic
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Connor, John; Cole, Natalie B.
    The deterioration of the friendship between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson remains a controversial subject among historians.
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    The Culture of Correspondence in Nineteenth-Century America
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Insko, Jeffrey; Cole, Natalie B.
    Letterwriting, in other words, binds disparate individuals and groups together into a union; the mail is what puts the United in the States of America.
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    Poems: Tenebrae Factae Sunt, Clytemnestra’s Choice, Bedtime
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Storm, Jason; Cole, Natalie B.
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    Man, Metal and Metaphor: Metal in Early Medieval Warrior Culture and in Beowulf
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Walsh, Susan; Cole, Natalie B.
    In the Iron Age culture of 500 AD, man made the metals. And metals also made the man. The importance of metallurgy to the early medieval Germanic culture of Northwestern Europe is captured in the old English poem Beowulf about a warrior culture in which the very fabric of society is woven in mail.
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    The American Family Saga in Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex and Jonathan’s Franzen’s Freedom
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Van Vliet, Jennifer; Cole, Natalie B.
    This essay focuses on two American family sagas from the early twenty-first century, Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides and Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, both chosen for the diversity of gender constructions and sexual identities of their characters as well as for the “traditional” nature of their focal families.
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    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Cerku, Ashley; Cole, Natalie B.
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    The Responsible Philanthropy of Matilda Dodge Wilson
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Riggs, Laura
    Mrs. Matilda R. Wilson was a great philanthropist. Her gifts of time, support and money demonstrate her altruism.
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    The Quarrel
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) DeMent, Joseph; Cole, Natalie B.
    Short story
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    Medical Matters: Do No Harm
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Joyce, Barbara; Cole, Natalie B.
    There are rich opportunities to develop nationally recognized innovative curricula in the area of quality and safety that will impact patient care and develop future healthcare leaders. OUWB and William Beaumont Hospital System have many of the components in place to develop and implement such an initiative. As we open the new medical school, we are looking forward to implementing our vision of training excellent compassionate physicians and improving patient care.
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    Interview: Professor Timothy Wu
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Horning, Alice; Deschamps, Amanda; Driscoll, Dana; Kietlinska, Kasia; Cole, Natalie B.
    Professor Tim Wu, one of the authors of the 2010–2011 OU community book, Who Controls the Internet?, visited Oakland in October of 2010. He gave a campuswide presentation and visited with various other groups of students and faculty during his time on campus, including a brief interview with Writing and Rhetoric faculty members Dana Driscoll, Alice Horning, and Kasia Kietlinska, as well as a Writing and Rhetoric major, Amanda Deschamps. Following is an edited version of the interview transcript.
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    Notes from the Dismal Science: When America’s Colleges Don’t Teach and Students Don’t Learn: Two Recent Books Reviewed
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Folland, Sherman T.; Cole, Natalie B.
    Since the 1983 publication of A Nation at Risk, America has been said to be in a “crisis of education”; however, during the subsequent years grades K through 12 education and higher education have faced very little scrutiny. The grace period is apparently over.
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    Opinion Forum: Why I Can’t Be a Native
    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Brieger, Gottfried; Cole, Natalie B.
    What exactly is a Michigander and what are his/her social contexts?
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    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Cole, Natalie B.
    Oakland Journal Issue 21 contributors list
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    (Oakland University, 2011-10-01) Cole, Natalie B.