The Oakland Post 1998-11-04



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


FACTS FAST: Tickets for Quayle ; Froemke's book collection ; Caucasian Students meeting ; Ireland lecture ; LSAT workshop ; RAD system ; AAUP grievance denied again ; Porn viewing poses problems in computer labs on campus ; OU to be promoted in television ads this month ; Search for provost continues ; Student Affairs Student Affairs EVENTS: UPDATING OU ; Local News COMMUNITY CALENDAR: FESTIVALS & SHOWS ; FOR YOUR HEALTH ; FUNDRAISERS ; LECTURES ; JOB FAIRS ; OF INTEREST TO ALL ; Engler; Granholm sweep election ; ELECTION '98 ; OU alumnus captures commissioner seat ; Breast cancer battle uses new technology ; OPINION ; EDITOR'S VIEW Tobacco targets college campuses; Post says 'No' ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Class invasion policy needs publicity ; Corner sign still cause for concern ; OU students are friendly ; CAMPUS NEWS CRIME WATCH: Driver refuses breath test ; Condom machine vandalized ; Students talk food over e-mail ; Lab works ; "Morning after" pill now marketed at GHC ; Attendance policy under discussion ; CENTER FOR STUDENT ACTIVITIES: THIS WEEK ; CAMPUS LIFE DORM SWEET DORM ; Don't grow up just yet; savor college life ; CURRENT EVENTS Campus gets culture ; ON CAMPUS ; THEATRE ; EXHIBITS ; MUSIC ; MISCELLANEOUS ; Cultural awareness week works to break stereotypes; entertain and educate campus with lectures; special events and free food ; Hispanic tastefest celebrates; educates ; MUSIC TO YOUR EARS Gershwin tribute fires 'Red Hot' grooves ; New book gives students career advice ; SPORTS Men ready to jump into season ; OU women split ; Golden Grizzly roar weakens; match against WIU heartbreaking ; Grizzlies roar at Eagles ; Disappointing out-come; Golden Grizzly still in search; of name ; INSTANT REPLAY GRIZZLIES: SOCCER ; VOLLEYBALL ; SWIMMING ; INSIDE SPORTS ; Golden Grizzlies drown Quadrangular ; Softball field of dreams ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold ; JEANINE CHURA: CROSS COUNTRY



Computers, Pornography, Advertising, Breast cancer, Technology, Screening, Attendance policy, Graham Health Center, Birth control, Dorm life, Cultural awareness week, Softball