The Oakland Post 1992-04-08



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Radioactive waste disposal poses problem for OU; state ; Ad angers students ; Award nominations ; Japan center ; MAGB recognition ; Dance Theatre ; Staff cuts help save Festival ; Forensics out of money; time ; Economic uncertainty shadows golf course's preparation for '92 ; Residence Halls; library are book-theft hot spots ; OU part-time faculty stretch budget dollars ; USC remains "out of touch" ; CRIME WATCH ; OUR VIEW University has ups and downs ; YOUR VIEW Eliminate president for wise outsource ; Congress needs to start making a difference: More Letters ; Overlook skin color to promote unity ; UMOJA will address any questions ; DeCarlo taking away only clerical perk for wrong reason ; Viewpoint misrepresents student; opinions ; writers block keeps the trash out ; Earth friendly programs: sorted; trashed: OU's environmental programs stalled due to lack of funding and student involvement ; Marriott sidesteps environmental disaster ; Off-campus attraction lures students from residence halls ; Visiting students can exchange culture for shock ; Letters to the Editor Viewpoint presents false information about UMOJA; African-American students ; Elections taught valuable lessons in political correctness ; Regular; special editions enjoyable ; Calendar ART ; CONCERTS ; THEATER ; OU student charms the farm: Charm Farm's lead guitarest speaks about music and career ; Shadows and Fog combine for typical Allen ; Instinct appeals to basically the enduring ; Latest Releases Local band debut shows impressive karma ; Re-issue compilations prove great music lies in the past ; Simple; shallow tunes mix for usual English pop ; Harris' live album full of quality music; mix of country and rock ; Non-traditional Students at Oakland Become the New Majority ; Just the Facts ; IMPORTANT DATES ; Commuter Advocates Speak Out ; Commuter Concerns Should Go Beyond Parking ; Commuter Myths ; How Does Oakland's Commuter; Programs Stack Up Against Other Colleges and Universities? ; Substandard Lepley Center is not funny ; Men's tennis takes two at home: OU defeats Hillsdale and Henry Ford Colleges at home; lose to GVSU away ; Baseball tied for first in GLIAC ; Pioneer baseball's dynamic duo ; Senior catcher Paul Kaiser and senior second baseman Greg Revere look to lead OU in 1992 with their experience ; This Week in Pioneer Sports Baseball ; Men's Tennis ; Golf ; NCAA survey shows men's sports receive more money than women's athletics ; Homecoming is coming to I OU; not for football; but for 1992 Pioneer soccer



Radiation, Meadow Brook Music Festival, Forensics, Environment, International students