The Oakland Post 1996-04-03

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Phi Beta Sigma charged with hazing: Fraternity faces suspension if found guilty ; Dancers display ethnicity at International Night '96 ; Students 'SAIL' through phone registration ; Spanning the Globe ; International night raises cultural awareness ; STILL SEEKING VOTERS: Increased publicity led to higher voter turnout this year ; Voters sought for Congress elections ; Voter turnout up; still not high enough; Campus safety stats provided on the Internet ; Wild art pokes fun at the real thing during Dada Day ; ECLECTIC ART: Dada - ism celebrated ; Indecent exposure reported: CRIME WATCH ; Drug associated with several date rape cases banned in the states ; Seeing through the haze ; EDITOR'S VIEW Hazing: unacceptable throwback ; Opinion ; Letters to the Editor Sharing a little bit of British history: Oxford Clarification ; Art Info ; Hazing incident leads to expulsion of West Virginia University fraternity ; Spring has sprung ; MTD portrays loss of family traditions ; Sinister fun plays part in MBT production Corpse! ; OU teachers make the grade ; Still groovin' in the '90s: Former Brady speaks of life as teenage heartthrob ; Making children's dreams reality ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; ART ; OTHER ; CIPO This Week! ; Sports Golfers seek greener links in Ohio ; Wins spell OU relief ; Pioneers edge out GLIAC foes in race for President's Cup ; Pioneers grab three of four wins ; Pioneer of the Week ; The Pioneer sports week ; IM sports calendar ; South attacks: South and Water Hogs duel it out ; Intramural volleyball standings ; OU coaches stack up to U-M; MSU ; Speaking out on hazing practices: Kenneth Briggs tells the hows and whys of fraternity hazing



Greek letter societies, Registration, Diversity, Oakland University. Student Congress, Elections, Technology