The Oakland Observer 1963-11-08



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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Collins to Write Book In Jamaica ; Women's Basketball ; Apply for R.A. Till Nov. 15 ; Freshmen Beat Sophs 380-325 in IM Sports ; HISTORY MAJORS ; Maker on "Lasers" ; OU's Faculty Wives Teach Too ; Enthusiasm Without Money Job Hierarchy With New Rate Structure Proposed ; Simons Resigns For Government Position in May ; OU to Meet Lawrence Tech In Sports Day ; Engineers to Sponsor Road Rally Nov. 9 ; More Statements ; PLACEMENT OFFICE ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: "State" Statement ; Profess Morization ; Peace Corps Officer to Be On Campus ; Don't Fret ; Clansmen Take IFL Lead - Beat Engineers ; As Much As Larger Schools Oakland to Get $200,000 In NDEA Loans This Year ; New Scholarship To Be Awarded ; Pontiac Bank Opens U Branch Office



Oakland University. Continuing Education, Road Rally, Student loans