The Oakland Post 1994-01-26

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


PT student collapses during physics class ; Retirement reception ; Dorm fee vote ; Dream Banquet ; Montel likes the view 'in your face' ; University offers escort program: Student Marshals to offer nightly campus escorts ; OU fraternity extinguished for one year: Student Affairs Office to decide on five fraternity members' fate ; Student mortician learning reigns; draining veins ; CRIME WATCH ; Cold; ice; wind; miserable - just another day at Oakland ; OUR VIEW All The Queen's Men dropped the egg by not closing during foul weather ; Letters to the Editor: Financial Aid Office needs major overhaul ; Radiation committee concludes move 'safe' ; International flavor highlights diversity ; Profs new book details "The African Experience": Khapoya overcame odds by education; challenging barriers ; LARRY V. WEISS COLUMNIST ; Good Health for life ; Coffeehouse brews 'Underground' ; African American Celebration Month ; Musketeers cut up the stage ; Rabbi lectures on Kervorkian; Abortion ; Sports Pioneer of the Week ; THE PIONEER DIRT BOX ; Gold rush!: Cagers stake claim to first in muddled GLIAC ; Tankers take three; Hovland gets 100th win ; Swimmer Lessig finds she can adjust to winning ; OU sitting pretty atop GLIAC ; THIS WEEK IN PIONEER SPORTS ; Kenyon no match for surging Pioneers ; OU intramurals ; 1994 Oakland University Racquetball Tournament Entry Form ; M. I. EMPLOYABLE???



Greek letter societies, Williams, Montel, 1956-, Oakland University Police Department, Student marshall program, Khapoya, Vincent, Religions